Thursday, 13 December 2012

House Finale

I know I haven't blogged in a while now but this is not going to be about my life. This is going to be about a show that has been part of my life for the last month and a half. This is basically my reaction to the finale of Season 8 pre and post viewing. Ive always wanted to compare my views like this but have never been able to do so objectively because I never 'saved' my views anywhere. So with out further ado, here we go.

PRE-VIEWING: The second last episode had me in tears. The ending just left me unable to predict what the hell they're gonna do. Maybe House and Wilson will become fugitives or something. I have a feeling from looking at the title that they're both gonna die (possibly together). Those two have carried the show through many a rough patch for me and it would be fitting to end them along with the show. Also, Wilson getting cancer is ironic and horribly sad. The last few episodes have been House at its very best. I thought I would hate the show after Cuddy left but I don't. Sure I miss her but I think they did a wonderful job with Season 8. I don't really have any other theories for how they're gonna end this great series so I'm just gonna go watch the episode now.

POST-VIEWING: WOW! I was NOT expecting that. That was absolutely amazing. Had me going when he 'died' and then...he didn't! I have no words. My only complaint is that the show is over too soon. Although really, there is nowhere else for the story to go when you think about it. It's depressing, really. Wilson's gonna die and House is going to spend a very long time in jail. Maybe come out someday and start a family, but really, that's not very House-like. I also very much loved the conclusion every character got. Especially loved seeing Allison and her family. Also Kepner and Amber were a welcome addition. Kind of hard to believe that Cuddy didn't come to his funeral, but whatever. Overall, an excellent, though sad, ending to an excellent show. I do not regret watching this one at all. I just wish more shows ended this brilliantly. Anyway, see you later.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day Eleven

It's Thursday! I love Thursdays! It's the last day of the week here and I don't necessarily have to worry about Monday exams just yet. Also I can go to bed with the promise of new Grey's Anatomy the next morning.

The plan for today was to wake up early and study French for an hour before I went to school and did my thing. Unfortunately, alarms are apparently incapable of keeping me awake. I honestly cannot even remember waking up and turning off the alarm and going back to bed. This is going to be a terrible quality as a doctor if I ever get through (or even to) Med School. Anyway, once in school, I realized that I had about a term of Arabic work to do in less that 5 hours. Since I live in the Emirates, I assume most of you think I have basic knowledge of Arabic. Those of you would be very wrong. I have been 'studying' Arabic for 5 years and my vocabulary still consists of around 5 words. I can barely read and write that thing. Thankfully, Arabic is not counted in our overall grade and we only just need to pass it, which I generally manage to do. Also, I would like to quickly mention that my lack of Arabic knowledge is not my fault. Almost none of the Arabic teachers we've had now English. As a result, we understand nothing during classes. It's only thanks to the Worksheets that we even manage to pass. Anyway, I tried to make one of my friends for my work for me and in return I would help her with Science, which works out for me because it'll be some good revision. Unfortunately though, I really didn't need to make the deal. We had a conference thing and ended up missing Arabic anyway, so that was completely pointless.

I finally finished Season 7 of House and I have mixed opinions. I'm not really sure about how I feel. I find it hard to think that Cuddy will just go away after that finale. I'm guessing that she has a guest appearance in the first episode of Season 8 or something. I also saw the movie 'Made of Honor' and I was kinda disappointed really. Partially because I don't like how the movie treated Kevin McKidd but mostly because the ending was completely out of the blue. A sad ending for Tom would have been better and more consistent. Also, it would have been some kind of lesson for him. Anyway, my parents have kinda thrown a party at home and I have around 5 little kids in the opposite room annoying the hell out of me. Incidentally, I hate kids. They're a pain in the arse. And the people we have over just keep wanting to have more. There's this one lady who's thin as a stick, probably way underweight, who's apparently pregnant. Whatever floats their boat I guess. One of the guests had their 9 Wedding Anniversary today so I had some pretty delicious chocolate cake. Always a delight. So, on that sweet and delicious note, I will leave you guys off for today.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day Nine & Ten

I missed another day. Although this time, I had more of an excuse than 'I didn't feel like writing'. My internet connection bummed out on me at night and I couldn't write a post. Anyway, double post day!

Yesterday was pretty eventful. The English exam I was freaking out about did not go that well. I don't know how well I really did but even I feel that my work was not up to par. Add to that the fact that JJ is a terrible human being and you get a pretty crappy grade. I will tell you how bad I did when I get that paper but I probably won't be able to fairly ridicule JJ since I admit to not doing so well. Also, we got back the Social Studies exam from around a week ago back. You know, the one I pulled an all-nighter for. That kind of started this whole project so this is pretty important. I think I did really well. Just lost one point because I didn't write a long enough answer due to lack of time. Still, pretty awesome. At home, I didn't do much aside from study. I saw a few more episodes of House but really, my pace has slowed down to a crawl compared to when I started watching the show. I'm almost done with season 7. Have 2 more episodes left until I never see Cuddy again. That's probably going to be the down point of the finale. I don't know yet though. Maybe they'll manage to manage to give me some kind of closure. Anyways, moving on to today's post.

I had the extra exam I talked about last(?) post. Basically a harder optional test if you score high enough in the actual test. Generally, we all suck at this test but this time it was pretty decent. I might just score an 80% if I'm lucky. Had extra classes for Biology, which is pretty much my favorite subject at this point. Our Biology teacher is one of my favorite teachers, partially because she knows a lot and partially because she knows how to impart her knowledge on to us. I'm not saying she is without fault but she is respectable and she loves what she does, which is more than what I  can say for a lot of other teachers. Not much more happened today mostly because I almost instantly fell into an exhausted sleep the second I got back from school, which means I'm not gonna have a fun time going to bed now. Oh well, another sleepless nigh it is. Later!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Day Eight

I have around 10 minutes to write this post so let's get this under way. Woke up, wasted some time, tried studying English, quit, wasted more time, did my Biology paper, finally studied some English and that's about it. Oh wait. I have to write more than two lines for my blog post huh. Well all I can really think of right now is how screwed I am for tomorrow's test and how I haven't done anything the one after that so I'm sorry if we're not getting much insight to my day. A lot of that is because I didn't have much of a day to begin with other than the books and time wasted on the internet. Guess I could talk about how I watched some old Scishow Biology episodes that were interesting. Also Jane's Lydia impression on today's Lizzie Bennet Diaries was brilliant and I'm waiting for the gif so I can put it everywhere possibly including here. Wow is there nothing else I can discuss in this state of mind? I guess it's better than not writing a post at all. I am relieving the anxiety of missing a day so I can concentrate on actually studying for English. Speaking of which, I have never talked about our English teacher have I? A better time for this may be a few days later when I get my results and can criticize with reference but we will call her Ms. Jolly Junkie. Partially because she sort of called herself that. She has a funny accent so that's what it sounded like. Now I know what this sounds like. Kid dissing teacher because of teacher being from other parts of the world but no. Ms. JJ is not someone who should be teaching anyone anything. Not only does she put in no effort to actually teaching us, she gives us terrible grades for our (decent) answers, partially because she doesn't fully understand out answers. More on her in a few days though. I'm gonna go study now. Later!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day Seven

Hey! It's been one whole week! That's longer than any of my previous commitments to writing something resembling a diary! Also, this has been a rather productive week and I have you to thank for that. So thank you! Now let's move on

Woke up with an actual goal in mind today. I really suck at Chemistry thanks to my previously described Chemistry teacher so I decided to go over whatever she has gone through the last two weeks. I am still only marginally more confident and will probably have to seek help before I can get any of this. Also, I did some Biology revising yesterday. On the homework front, I finished almost all of my Biology practical work and did my Math paper. That leaves my Bio paper which I have to write by hand which has lead to me delaying it until now, and my English group project which I will probably just not do for now. Did I mention I have an English exam on Tuesday and have not even touched my books? Besides that, I have an extra test for Social Studies on Wednesday that is extra hard and which I have also not prepared for. But enough about my horrible academic record.

On a brighter note, I found a fun book to read. Some of you might be familiar with Nanowrimo which is basically a thing where you write a whole novel in November. It's something I planned to do this year but just didn't get the time. Anyway, a guy on youtube named VitaminDatai did finish a book which is pretty fun and enjoyable and which you should check out. Just google his name. He has a video on his channel with a free download link to a pdf file.

Also, I was preoccupied enough with my academics today that I saw a sum total of zero House episodes. Part of this might be because I subconsciously don't want to see House be all depressed again but we will pretend that it is because I have suddenly developed enough restraint to ignore my compulsions for a whole day. That being said, I didn't really learn much. I have almost forgotten all the Chemistry reactions I learned today and have to back and reinforce everything. Honestly, I think exams are getting to me but I have to learn to deal considering I'm hoping for a career in medicine. Anyway, today was pretty uneventful and boring from an observer's eye so I guess that's about it. Adios!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day Six

The amazing weather continued today, although there was no rain. Honestly, if any of you ever want to visit Dubai, now would be the perfect time. Anyway, woke up today morning not sure of what I was going to do with myself. Naturally, that puts me on my default routine of go on the computer and watch more House. 15 episodes into the seventh season and Huddy just died. I knew Cuddy was going to leave after the seventh season but I was hoping they would at least give them a whole season after all the build up the previous six seasons. Oh well. After wasting my morning, I decided to finish my Physics paper and my almost finish my Math paper. That leaves me with Biology, English and a test to study for by Tuesday. Also exams are fast approaching but you already knew that. The point of me repeating this is really just as reminder to myself to get off my ass and start studying. I was making an effort to do just that before I started writing this infact, but my brain decided that it had no appetite for studying. If anyone has any tips on how to study for long durations of time without getting distracted, PLEASE leave them below before I destroy my future or something to that effect.

On another note, I got a haircut today, which reminds me that you have no idea as to what I look like. I guess I owe you a brief description. I'm around 5'4, have a semi-tan and really short hair that my classmates get a kick out of. I used to have really long hair but around a year ago, I cut them really short and I don't regret it. It's much easier to manage and I think it looks kinda good on me. I always looked a bit...bald when I used to tie my hair up and now that's no longer an issue. Also, both my hair and eyes are brown.

On yet another note, I read The Third Wheel in about an hour. Honestly, those things keep getting shorter. This one didn't even have the extra pages at the end. Not to mention I found the story really strange. Greg had perfectly formed thoughts as a fetus? Are we really sinking to this? Also in the fifth book he was this really innocent kid. Kind of inconsistent since I can just imagine the number of time he had to watch his parents do each other as a fetus. Seriously, they overdid it with this one.

My parents decided to go for a movie, leaving me to my own devices a few hours ago. Had I been any other teenager, the house would be upside down. But since I'm a nerd who has very limited friends who live far away, I've been sitting in front of my computer for the last 3 hours doing things like writing a post for my blog. I am so thankful that there are others I can relate to. See you tomorrow with whatever happens tomorrow.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Day Five

Today started on the happiest note it possibly could. I woke up to the sound of rain on my windowpane. Now this may confuse most of you living in the states who probably despise the rain but Dubai is practically a dessert. This was the first proper rain we've had all winter and it makes everyone a little happier. Once I properly got up comfortably at 10 (god bless holidays), I instantly went over to my computer to watch the new Grey's Anatomy episode. This is pretty much a ritual for me on Fridays, especially since the weekend in the U.A.E. falls on Friday and Saturday. It's different and weird and I don't mind because I can watch T.V. shows early in the morning. Some may call this an addiction, I just think of it as a semi-bad habit. The episode incidentally, was very bittersweet. I will end my T.V. ramblings at that because I realize that not everyone watches the same shows as I do. However, since this is as much for me as it is for you, I will write about what I like, however brief it may be.

So after that (and a handful of House episodes), I moved on to do some of the schoolwork I had piled up for the weekend. I recently lost my Physics notes so I decided to start by re-writing those. Fast forward 5 hours and I finally finished my work. Exhausted and content, I decided to go to the library with my brother and enjoy the nice weather on the way there. The weather was lovely. The library on the other hand, was shut down. So instead my brother insisted that I take him to the book store. My dad game my brother some cash before we left and he spent it on the new Wimpy Kid book. I don't know why those things are still selling. I stopped truly enjoying them after the first 3 books but somehow these just don't seem to be ending. I will probably indulge in this book anyway once my brother is done and give you a semi review tomorrow. One would think that this is a good segue for me introducing my brother but because there is so much I can say about him and so much that I shouldn't that I feel he deserved a better and longer post to himself, preferably one that does not start with me rambling about T.V.

That's about it for today. On the homework front, I have a paper to submit for Biology, English and Maths and one on Physics that I'm halfway done with as we speak. I'll see you tomorrow with more weekend goodness!