Monday, 3 December 2012

Day Eight

I have around 10 minutes to write this post so let's get this under way. Woke up, wasted some time, tried studying English, quit, wasted more time, did my Biology paper, finally studied some English and that's about it. Oh wait. I have to write more than two lines for my blog post huh. Well all I can really think of right now is how screwed I am for tomorrow's test and how I haven't done anything the one after that so I'm sorry if we're not getting much insight to my day. A lot of that is because I didn't have much of a day to begin with other than the books and time wasted on the internet. Guess I could talk about how I watched some old Scishow Biology episodes that were interesting. Also Jane's Lydia impression on today's Lizzie Bennet Diaries was brilliant and I'm waiting for the gif so I can put it everywhere possibly including here. Wow is there nothing else I can discuss in this state of mind? I guess it's better than not writing a post at all. I am relieving the anxiety of missing a day so I can concentrate on actually studying for English. Speaking of which, I have never talked about our English teacher have I? A better time for this may be a few days later when I get my results and can criticize with reference but we will call her Ms. Jolly Junkie. Partially because she sort of called herself that. She has a funny accent so that's what it sounded like. Now I know what this sounds like. Kid dissing teacher because of teacher being from other parts of the world but no. Ms. JJ is not someone who should be teaching anyone anything. Not only does she put in no effort to actually teaching us, she gives us terrible grades for our (decent) answers, partially because she doesn't fully understand out answers. More on her in a few days though. I'm gonna go study now. Later!

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