Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day Nine & Ten

I missed another day. Although this time, I had more of an excuse than 'I didn't feel like writing'. My internet connection bummed out on me at night and I couldn't write a post. Anyway, double post day!

Yesterday was pretty eventful. The English exam I was freaking out about did not go that well. I don't know how well I really did but even I feel that my work was not up to par. Add to that the fact that JJ is a terrible human being and you get a pretty crappy grade. I will tell you how bad I did when I get that paper but I probably won't be able to fairly ridicule JJ since I admit to not doing so well. Also, we got back the Social Studies exam from around a week ago back. You know, the one I pulled an all-nighter for. That kind of started this whole project so this is pretty important. I think I did really well. Just lost one point because I didn't write a long enough answer due to lack of time. Still, pretty awesome. At home, I didn't do much aside from study. I saw a few more episodes of House but really, my pace has slowed down to a crawl compared to when I started watching the show. I'm almost done with season 7. Have 2 more episodes left until I never see Cuddy again. That's probably going to be the down point of the finale. I don't know yet though. Maybe they'll manage to manage to give me some kind of closure. Anyways, moving on to today's post.

I had the extra exam I talked about last(?) post. Basically a harder optional test if you score high enough in the actual test. Generally, we all suck at this test but this time it was pretty decent. I might just score an 80% if I'm lucky. Had extra classes for Biology, which is pretty much my favorite subject at this point. Our Biology teacher is one of my favorite teachers, partially because she knows a lot and partially because she knows how to impart her knowledge on to us. I'm not saying she is without fault but she is respectable and she loves what she does, which is more than what I  can say for a lot of other teachers. Not much more happened today mostly because I almost instantly fell into an exhausted sleep the second I got back from school, which means I'm not gonna have a fun time going to bed now. Oh well, another sleepless nigh it is. Later!

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