Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day Eleven

It's Thursday! I love Thursdays! It's the last day of the week here and I don't necessarily have to worry about Monday exams just yet. Also I can go to bed with the promise of new Grey's Anatomy the next morning.

The plan for today was to wake up early and study French for an hour before I went to school and did my thing. Unfortunately, alarms are apparently incapable of keeping me awake. I honestly cannot even remember waking up and turning off the alarm and going back to bed. This is going to be a terrible quality as a doctor if I ever get through (or even to) Med School. Anyway, once in school, I realized that I had about a term of Arabic work to do in less that 5 hours. Since I live in the Emirates, I assume most of you think I have basic knowledge of Arabic. Those of you would be very wrong. I have been 'studying' Arabic for 5 years and my vocabulary still consists of around 5 words. I can barely read and write that thing. Thankfully, Arabic is not counted in our overall grade and we only just need to pass it, which I generally manage to do. Also, I would like to quickly mention that my lack of Arabic knowledge is not my fault. Almost none of the Arabic teachers we've had now English. As a result, we understand nothing during classes. It's only thanks to the Worksheets that we even manage to pass. Anyway, I tried to make one of my friends for my work for me and in return I would help her with Science, which works out for me because it'll be some good revision. Unfortunately though, I really didn't need to make the deal. We had a conference thing and ended up missing Arabic anyway, so that was completely pointless.

I finally finished Season 7 of House and I have mixed opinions. I'm not really sure about how I feel. I find it hard to think that Cuddy will just go away after that finale. I'm guessing that she has a guest appearance in the first episode of Season 8 or something. I also saw the movie 'Made of Honor' and I was kinda disappointed really. Partially because I don't like how the movie treated Kevin McKidd but mostly because the ending was completely out of the blue. A sad ending for Tom would have been better and more consistent. Also, it would have been some kind of lesson for him. Anyway, my parents have kinda thrown a party at home and I have around 5 little kids in the opposite room annoying the hell out of me. Incidentally, I hate kids. They're a pain in the arse. And the people we have over just keep wanting to have more. There's this one lady who's thin as a stick, probably way underweight, who's apparently pregnant. Whatever floats their boat I guess. One of the guests had their 9 Wedding Anniversary today so I had some pretty delicious chocolate cake. Always a delight. So, on that sweet and delicious note, I will leave you guys off for today.

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