Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day Six

The amazing weather continued today, although there was no rain. Honestly, if any of you ever want to visit Dubai, now would be the perfect time. Anyway, woke up today morning not sure of what I was going to do with myself. Naturally, that puts me on my default routine of go on the computer and watch more House. 15 episodes into the seventh season and Huddy just died. I knew Cuddy was going to leave after the seventh season but I was hoping they would at least give them a whole season after all the build up the previous six seasons. Oh well. After wasting my morning, I decided to finish my Physics paper and my almost finish my Math paper. That leaves me with Biology, English and a test to study for by Tuesday. Also exams are fast approaching but you already knew that. The point of me repeating this is really just as reminder to myself to get off my ass and start studying. I was making an effort to do just that before I started writing this infact, but my brain decided that it had no appetite for studying. If anyone has any tips on how to study for long durations of time without getting distracted, PLEASE leave them below before I destroy my future or something to that effect.

On another note, I got a haircut today, which reminds me that you have no idea as to what I look like. I guess I owe you a brief description. I'm around 5'4, have a semi-tan and really short hair that my classmates get a kick out of. I used to have really long hair but around a year ago, I cut them really short and I don't regret it. It's much easier to manage and I think it looks kinda good on me. I always looked a bit...bald when I used to tie my hair up and now that's no longer an issue. Also, both my hair and eyes are brown.

On yet another note, I read The Third Wheel in about an hour. Honestly, those things keep getting shorter. This one didn't even have the extra pages at the end. Not to mention I found the story really strange. Greg had perfectly formed thoughts as a fetus? Are we really sinking to this? Also in the fifth book he was this really innocent kid. Kind of inconsistent since I can just imagine the number of time he had to watch his parents do each other as a fetus. Seriously, they overdid it with this one.

My parents decided to go for a movie, leaving me to my own devices a few hours ago. Had I been any other teenager, the house would be upside down. But since I'm a nerd who has very limited friends who live far away, I've been sitting in front of my computer for the last 3 hours doing things like writing a post for my blog. I am so thankful that there are others I can relate to. See you tomorrow with whatever happens tomorrow.

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