Friday, 30 November 2012

Day Five

Today started on the happiest note it possibly could. I woke up to the sound of rain on my windowpane. Now this may confuse most of you living in the states who probably despise the rain but Dubai is practically a dessert. This was the first proper rain we've had all winter and it makes everyone a little happier. Once I properly got up comfortably at 10 (god bless holidays), I instantly went over to my computer to watch the new Grey's Anatomy episode. This is pretty much a ritual for me on Fridays, especially since the weekend in the U.A.E. falls on Friday and Saturday. It's different and weird and I don't mind because I can watch T.V. shows early in the morning. Some may call this an addiction, I just think of it as a semi-bad habit. The episode incidentally, was very bittersweet. I will end my T.V. ramblings at that because I realize that not everyone watches the same shows as I do. However, since this is as much for me as it is for you, I will write about what I like, however brief it may be.

So after that (and a handful of House episodes), I moved on to do some of the schoolwork I had piled up for the weekend. I recently lost my Physics notes so I decided to start by re-writing those. Fast forward 5 hours and I finally finished my work. Exhausted and content, I decided to go to the library with my brother and enjoy the nice weather on the way there. The weather was lovely. The library on the other hand, was shut down. So instead my brother insisted that I take him to the book store. My dad game my brother some cash before we left and he spent it on the new Wimpy Kid book. I don't know why those things are still selling. I stopped truly enjoying them after the first 3 books but somehow these just don't seem to be ending. I will probably indulge in this book anyway once my brother is done and give you a semi review tomorrow. One would think that this is a good segue for me introducing my brother but because there is so much I can say about him and so much that I shouldn't that I feel he deserved a better and longer post to himself, preferably one that does not start with me rambling about T.V.

That's about it for today. On the homework front, I have a paper to submit for Biology, English and Maths and one on Physics that I'm halfway done with as we speak. I'll see you tomorrow with more weekend goodness!

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