Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day Three? Four?

I obviously did not think what I would do about missing days when I started using that naming scheme. Quite frankly, I still have no idea. Regardless, I missed my first deadline and I cannot promise that it isn't going to happen again. That's just who I am. A very lazy kid. Oh well, moving along to the blog...

First let's briefly sum up what happened on day 3. Quite frankly, nothing spectacular. That might be part of the reason I missed that day. We finally did the presentation we were supposed to do and we were given the green light to do it in front of a huge audience. I may put up pictures of how that goes if I can but that isn't for another 2 weeks. I got a perfect score on my Economics test which is plain amazing. I will take this moment to segue into introducing you to my Economics teacher - Ms. TNT. Obviously, that is a nickname, albeit a very accurate one. She does not give a damn about anyone and finds the most ridiculous reasons to give us low grades. Also, she blows up at the slightest provocation. She is part of the trio of teachers our class cannot stand. The others I will talk about later, one perhaps later in this post. Other than that, I saw the season 6 finale of House M.D. and it was amazing. Then again, so were the previous five. House finales and season premieres are some of the very best and if you're looking for something to watch, House should be your show of choice.

Anyway, moving on to today, I did around 5 pages of homework on the bus ride to school. I know what I said last post about trying to finish my work but bad habits die slow and I'm doing my best. We have a long weekend this week thanks to a local festival and I am going to do my best to finish all the unnecessarily long assignments that my teachers have dumped on me along with trying to study for my upcoming exams in January. Also, let me introduce the second member of the hateful teacher trio, Ms. Roach, our Chemistry teacher. I have named her thus because she is impossible to take down. She has a really high position in school, meaning none of the other teachers really want to mess with her and she keeps stealing their classes to teach Chemistry, which incidentally, she also does a horrible job at. The reason I mention her today is because she bumped Biology, where we have a ton of portion to cover, to take us to the lab where she didn't bother setting up the equipment, leading to us wasting a perfectly good class. Anyway, I think that's enough teacher ranting for one post. Maybe I'll say something nice some other time but for now, there will be very little talk of school for the next four days. It's late Thursday night now which means I get to wake up to a new episode of Grey's Anatomy which should be interesting. I'll see you guys tomorrow with hopefully an update on the assignment situation and some other amusing event(s?).

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