Monday, 26 November 2012

Day One

I don't quite know how I'm going to go about naming these blog posts but for now I'm just doing to number them by day. Hopefully I can keep up with my daily schedule and we can all be happy.

Anyway, today kinda started early for me. In fact, I'm not sure when yesterday ended. You see, I had a Social Studies test today and I am not the biggest fan of this particular subject. As a result, most of my weekend was spent watching House M.D. (which incidentally is a wonderful show) and Sunday evening I realized that I had 4 chapters, over 15 pages each, to cram in less than 6 hours.
Conclusion - Procrastination is bad. It causes all-nighters and other evil things.
On the bright side, I think I did pretty well on the test itself.

Another upcoming thing in my school currently is a presentation on Indo-Pak relations for which I need to make a Powerpoint presentation. I doubt I will finish it today but now that I'm sharing my life, I suppose I'm obligated to at least try.

After returning from school, this blog idea came to me as I was watching another episode of House. I realized that I wanted to try this and seemed like fun, so here I am!

Since this is my first 'diary' post, I think I will cut it short. This is partially because watching House is all I've done since I got home other than start this and partially because I don't feel like dropping a ton of introductions to real life people on you yet. I promise that progressively I will introduce you to many of my friends, my family and probably some of my teachers. Thank You or reading this post! Feel free to leave any tips you have in a comment below!


  1. Hi Dani,

    Blogging is fun. I write my blog just about everyday. I've been writing it for almost two years now. This is what I've learned.

    Remember, what you write about is out there for everyone to see. Don't write anything that you wouldn't say to a total stranger on the street. Don't post information like your address and telephone number, or your last name, for example.

    People enjoy following blogs, and for whatever reason they stumbled onto yours. Invite them to "follow" your blog. Go to blogspot's layout and enable the follower's gadget. Tell your friends about your blog on social media, like Facebook.

    Post your blog regularly. Every day if you can. Followers like the routine. If I skip a day posting my blog, I hear about it from them.

    Be concise. No one likes to read a long, rambling diatribe. Say what you have to say in as few words as possible. Brevity is key to effective communication.

    If you can, add photographs where appropriate. Photos tell a story.

    People like humor. If something funny happened, write about it.

    Oh, and as to your homework? What I learned, long ago, was to do an assignment as soon as I got it. Do it right away. Then, you can relax and not worry about having enough time to finish it. When I worked, I called it "left justifying". I was a computer programmer. Left justifying means putting text at the beginning of a field (a place to print data) rather than the end. Always do your homework before the blog. :)

    I look forward to your future blog posts.

    1. Thanks for the tips Dave (or Pam)! Stark is not my real last name so I need not worry about that. The follower's gadget sounds like a good idea. This is my first time doing this and I'm still very unfamiliar with blogging. Not to mention, English is not my first language. Again, thanks for the constructive criticism. I'll do my best to get better.

  2. Nice to see your blog Dani,
    I got here because you found my Drawing Diary. Just like Dave and Pam said, I do finish my work and other obligations first, and then I do my diary-thing. This sometimes means that I don´t get to do an entry until a few days after. And that is totally fine for me. Before I started I set a couple of rules for myself, so I knew what I was going to be doing every day. And since they were my rules, I also had the power to break them if I had to.
    Much like journalist and writers, I have a certain audience in mind, this helps me to decide what I want to tell them, and how I want to tell it. A blog is not something where you just through a bunch of stuff in, the internet already has more than enough of that. Make your blog something valuable, something that people would like to see and read. I try to have at least one interesting or funny thing in every entry.

    If you are really planning to write something every day, then you have to learn to write even when you don´t want to.
    The second and third month were the hardest for me, after that I got more used to it.

    Yeah, make sure you are going to have fun with it.
    I bet you will get surprised and find out a couple of things you didn´t know about yourself.

    Jan Willem